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ADSP21479 EZ-Board SPI Slave Boot

Question asked by htitalia on Oct 10, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by Jithul_Janardhanan

I'm trying to run SPI slave boot on the ADSP21479 EZ-board, but I am no success.
I have EZ board ADSP21479, NXP LPC4350 as host and CrossCore 2.0.
ADSP21479 and LPC4350 are connected in the following way:
a line to control reset
a line for handshake

On EZ board ADSP21479 SW4 Switch is set to 0 (SPI slave boot).
In crosscore I did a simple project that only flashes an LED. From this project I created the .ldr file.
I created the .ldr file is in the boot format include 8 bits that in the boot format include 32 bits.
In the microcontroller LPC4350 I did a simple project that first reset the ADSP21479, waits that RESETOUT pin goes high and then begins to send the ldr file.
To verify that the connection and the spi setting are correct, I created a small projec in crosscore where I set
SSP0 and DMA in the same way they are set in the slave spi boot configuration.In this way I have verified that the data
arriving at the ADSP21479 are exactly the same as sending the micro LPC4350.
This test assures me that the physical connection between ADSP21479 and micro is correct and that the settings and the way in which data are sent from  micro 4350 are correct.
I also made sure that the micro reset the ADSP21479 and only after that RESETOUT pin goes high data is sent in SPI.

I tried to make the .ldr file with either the default boot kernel (479_spi.dxe), both with slightly modified boot,that turns on only one LED of EZ_board.
In this way I have verified that it is not even loaded the boot.
I tried to make the file.ldr both in the boot format include 8 bits and in the boot format include 32 bits, but in both cases I did not get any results.
Can someone help me. Thanks.