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Loopback of addition of 4 Rx channel to 1 Tx problem...

Question asked by akyolm on Oct 8, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by AdrianC

Hi everyboy,


I am using FMCOMMS5 + ZC706 hardware. I want to do loopback data that is adding of 4 RX channels to only Tx0 channel. Because i want  to see the addition of 4 Rx channels at the tx channel 0 output(Rx_0+Rx_1+Rx_2+Rx_3 -> Tx_0). Thus I am trying to make some changes on hdl reference design(hdl-2015_r2). As you know there is two AD9361 IP at the hdl reference design. and each of these give output tx_data_out_p and tx_data_out_n. whenever i tried to modify something inside one of AD9361 IP it is changing other instantiation too. whenever i am sending to tx_channel_0 of  AD9361_0 IP. it is sending to other AD9361_1 IP tx_channel_0. Can you help me please that how can i do this. Thanks...