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HMC658LP2E application question

Question asked by ZhengNice on Oct 8, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by s.ilke

Hi, s.ilke

     Recently, I am designing a power meter, and I need to attenuate the input signal to power detector input range. The input signal frequency ranges between 1MHz and 10MHz, and I have to attenuate the signal 20dB at least, so I choose the HMC658LP2E and I meet some questions:


1. I have read the datasheet of HMC658LP2E, and the datasheets says pin 2,5(RF1,RF2) matched to 50 Ohm ,so I doubt how to design the schematic. It means connect to 50 Ohm input signal and connect to 50 Ohm load?

I hope you can give some application schematic examples


2. If I want to attenuate 40dB, could I concatenate two HMC658LP2E? If it is possible, how to realize? 


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