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ADAR7251 clock error

Question asked by roman-buyan on Oct 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by Rajeev

I want to use your ADC to collect data. When the fuss problems. Very very noisy
ADC. No zero and a maximum value. After starting immediately FAULT output of
falls. When reading register "ASIL error code" appear BIASP BIASN errors and
timing error "Clock loss error". Internal PLL is running and configured,
according to the recommendations of the Datasheet. I tried to connect quartz 8,
20, 24 Mhz, and external clock source to 20 Mhz. The scheme is taken from a
typical datasheet. The layout is also similar to shown in datasheet. What is
the frequency of the quartz / external oscillator is needed? This ADC is
designed to work like a normal ADC or just for use as automotive radar?
Thank you!