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AD9834 PCB layout

Question asked by MarkP on Aug 20, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2011 by MarkP

good day !


I would like to ask the following topic:


I already have 2 AD9834 with all the respective components like decoupling capacitors, resistors, etc. I follow the layout in the datasheet and I learn a lot of things.


Now, I want to control 2 AD9834 to generate two different waves independently. I would like to have 1 PCB for both, but with only 1 AD9834 I build two ground planes (DGND and AGND) with a junction at the middle of the AD9834 (just like the layout in the eval board datasheet).  If I want more than 1 AD9834, what can you recommend me about where I can join the grounds ? or how can I build the grounds plane?,..


Thanks !