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Request  a ADI recommended PN about alternative of UMS CHA3666 device

Question asked by Se-woong on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by kkaya



My customer will use UMS CHA3666 device and I am trying to replace this device to ADI device.

For this, I already suggested HMC903LP3E to them, but the performance of this device didn't meet their requirement.

Please refer below specfications.

          1. Competitor Solution

(UMS CHA3666)

-      P1dB Output Power: Over 16dBm

-      Gain: Over 21dBm


2. Minimum Requirement from Customer.

-      Considering Frequency band: 6GHz to 12GHz

-      P1dB Output Power: Over 15dBm

-      Gain: Over 20dBm   


3. HMC903LP3E

-      P1dB Output Power: 14dBm

-      Gain: 19dBm



Would you recommend ADI device which can meet above requirement (2)?

 Please let me know your recommended device ASAP