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Using AD7746 or Eval-AD7746EBZ evaluation board to measure interterdigital capacitor sensor (IDC)?

Question asked by chihan1981 on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by Wa$iM

Hell, I am really new here and I do really have some hard time to using this chip.

  • I try to measure the interterdigital capacitor sensor (IDC) by using AD7746 or Eval-AD7746EBZ evaluation board.
  • Can anyone tell me if I want to measure IDC value should I just use Eval-AD7746EBZ evaluation board to make it as easy as just connect the IDC with Eval-AD7746EBZ evaluation board and to the computer to get the cap number?
  • Are there any source code require in this case?


I have read the capacities Level Sensor Demo example but still confuse if that work in IDC?


Thank you for the help