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Issue at HMC962LC4E

Question asked by Se-woong on Oct 5, 2016
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My customer will use HMC962LC4E in their system and test the performance of HMC962LC4E now.

And during the test with HMC962LC4E , they say that they got some probelems.

Please refer below questions and let me know your answers ASAP.


1. Test Enviroment

   They use parameters only  in attached schematic and PCB gerber file.

   And they use below test equipments in this test.

   * NA: Keysight N5230A

   * SG: Keysight E8247C

   * SA: Keysight N9030A

   * Power: Linear Power Supply


2. Questions

1) Gain turn around phenomenon 

    Would you confirm below phenomenon is right things or not?

   They say that Gain value is rising at almost 0 dBm of input power and over 15GHz Freq. Band.

   For this, they worry that this phenomenon  is caused by oscilation.

   So they need your confirmation about this phenomenon .

   Please confirm above thing.


2) Oscilation phenomenon 

  During their test, they got CW as oscilation in 20.5GHz BW. 

  This phenomenon is often occurred at NA, and rarely occurred at SA.

  It seems to be sensitively oscilated at S11 & S22.


  Woudl you advise how to avoid this oscilation?

  In other words, would you suggest them your recommended circuit diagram except diagram in datasheet?


They will try to do this test again with your  recommended circuit diagram.



Please advise me ASAP.



If you have any questions, please let me know.