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ADA4530 layout question

Question asked by keithl on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by keithl

Since the center of of a board using Rogers 4350 is composed of FR-4, how does one treat a leaded part hole passing through the layout?  The gerbers for the eval. board seem to show a guard ring around the center conductor of the triax connector on the inner layers (2 & 3), but is the hole plated through?  It seems that the high-impedance node could leak through the center layer if the hole is plated through.  It's not clear from the gerbers how this is handled on the eval. board.  If the hole isn't plated, you'd have to make sure the lead passing through it didn't touch the sides.  Would it make more sense to bring the the lead through the board in a "clearance" hole, then fold it over and solder it to a surface pad on the top layer - essentially providing an air gap for the lead passing through the board.  I'm using a leaded photodiode mounted on the bottom of the board (ADA4530 mounted on the top), and a transimpedance amplifier configuration...