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Arduino/ Esp8266 and ADIS16223 - SPI and wiring issue

Question asked by Sille on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2016 by NevadaMark

Hey Guys,

we bought some ADIS16223 for some r&d purposes. now i´m in charge to put them into operation. i have to say that i´m not a professional programmer but i have to start somehow and surprisingly i have my first trouble with this device and hope somebody can help me out. 


I connected the ADIS16223 to a ESP8226 DevKit and want to establish a SPI comunication. I´m using the Arduino IDE and SPI-library which should work for the ESP-Module too. I tested it before I plugged the ADIS to the module with the MCP3008 ADC. I also tested it with the Esplorer and wrote a small code in lua. Everything was very fine with the MCP3008 but things got complicated with the ADIS16223. i know this is not an arduino or esp8266 blog but maybe somebody want to share his esperiences with me.


My first problem is that i cannot read back any usefull data from the sensor even not his serial number or prod-id. I recognized that it is not that simple like operating with an ADC but i guess there have to be some similarities, right? I ordered a logic analyzer to see what is going on i hope this device will arive really soon. for now i´m not sure if the ADIS16223 is basically working correctly or if I have wrecked it.


1. I checked the wiring. I tried to manage this on my own and i´m not sure if i made a mistake at this early state. To be honest i found the electrical schematic from the datasheet a bit confusing. I attached a picture which shows how i wired the ADIS16223 to my ESP. Hopefully i made no mistake. Is there any possibility to check if the sensor is working without any SPI transaction?

2. Power Supply - I use a extern supply with 3.3V. I´m not powering the device from my ESP8266.


I will upload a sketch later first I want to check if the wiring is correct. I hope somebody can guide me a bit.


best regards