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adv 7283 llc level

Question asked by raphael.schroeder on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by GuenterL



i have a ADV 7283 on a custome board.


The issue:

-the llc level has only a amplitude of 300mV in the range 1,4-1,7V (@ frequency27MHZ T=37ns)

-data pins are fine up to 3.3V


I tried to increase the LLC drive strength but i hardly see any difference. (0xF4<-0b00011101)

I also see this behaviour if i leave the llc pad unconnected to my microcontroller.


>>> my myC needs ranges between 0,99-2,31V...

How is that possible?


I saw a strange behaviour on the llc pin before so i know that it is capable of driving over 4V:

from time to time the amplitude is very high(0-4V) and the Frequency low. Than Frequency increases and Amplitude decreases. To get rid of that i change some register setting:

(0x03<- i think highest bit to 1)


tnx in advance