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BF506 3-phase PWM in SR mode + 4 channel ADC/ACM?

Question asked by tiagra on Aug 19, 2011
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i'm trying to implement a sensorless switched reluctance motor control unit on the BF506-EZ-Kit using matlab embedded coder product combined with manually coded C and the blackfin. Of course I need to generate the PWM on the processor as well as read all 3 phases' currents and possibly the supply voltage (DC link voltage). Now looking at the registers it seems to me, that ACM and PWM share some pins... so is it really possible to use the above combination? I have found an example for the ACM module, but there is not sample code regarding PWM module usage or even both at once...


Generally the sample/howto/appnote selection for the 506-serie seems to be very limited, am I missing something?


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