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Differential and absolute input currents for AD7124-4

Question asked by KDV on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by JellenieR

Hello! Could you please clarify the charts for "absolute analog input current" and "differential analog Input current " in the datasheet


"Figure 41. Absolute Analog Input Current vs. Temperature (Full Power Mode)" and "Figure 44. Differential Analog Input Current vs. Temperature (Full Power Mode)"


I thought that "differential" means difference between the input currents of any two analog inputs. So this is simply I(AINx) -I(AINy).. This leads to conclusion, that differential current can not be greater than absolute value of current (any of I(AINx) or I(AINy)). But if will take a closer look at the charts above, we'll see that [for example] differential input current for gain = 64 is more than 5 times greater than absolute value. How this could be ?