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Rx2 (RxB) not working - FMCOMMS4 + Zed board

Question asked by spraju87 on Oct 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by DragosB

Hello All,


I am using the FMCOMMS4 with Zed board, and running the ADI HDL reference design with No-OS software. I am able to transmit the desired sinusoidal signal on Tx1 and receive on Rx1. I can even see the time domain sinusoidal IQ signal using the ILA core in Vivado.  However, on connecting the Tx1 with Rx2, I see just noise (IQ data is random noise in the ILA core). I have not changed any variable value of the AD9361 initialisation struct in the No-OS software. On further investigation, I also found that the "two_rx_two_tx_mode_enable" flag is turned on as well (value is 1).


Are there any other things to take care in order to enable both Rx1 and Rx2 at the same time ? Could someone help me out here ? From the data sheet and TRM, I remember reading that both Rx1 and Rx2 can be active simultaneously. Please correct me if I'm wrong.