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incomplete instrumented profiling

Question asked by amiv on Oct 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by MurrayA

I am trying to use instrumented profiling to determine bottlenecks in my application (built with silicon version "any"). The development setup is
CCES : version (w1602221)
Board : ADSP BF707 BLIP2


The main processing loop is being profiled with setting the compiler option -p ( through the CCES IDE Settings ) in the release mode


The profiling data is force flushed at the end of the loop


The profile file is used to generate a html report with CCES IDE


Problem : The report shows the main task function being called only once ("Number of times this function was called") even though it has been called multiple times in the processing loop. I do see the details for the call  hierarchy, however it corresponds to the main task function being called only once.


Is there any other setting needed to get the instrumented profiling to get a complete profiling report?