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ADV7842 AFE register without information

Question asked by jmunoz on Oct 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by jmunoz

Hi everyone,


I am working with CVBS signals and I have a problem with my board, I have a mistake of design and I don't have the 24Ohm and 51Ohm resistors in the analog CVBS input so I don't see the rights colours when my input is 100% color bars pattern, the picture has too much brightness


I am using the CVBS scripts of Analog and I have tried to change the PGA and the AGC of CP but there is no way


But If I set 0x4C/0x0c=0x00 instead 0x1F (as the recommended setting) I can see the right colours


Does anybody know the mean and function of that register?


Thank you in advance


Best regards