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ADAS 1000 comunicates dut doesn't send digitized values

Question asked by tomer13 on Oct 1, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by CatherineR

 I have an ADAS 1000 PCB board. The shematics is exactly the same as the eval board except the respiration circuit. I made two circuit boards, one with two adas1000 and one with one adas1000. I tried this with both but i alwasy have the same problem. I want to communicate with it through SPI with an STM32. I can set the config registers, what is in the datesheet table 64. But then i dont get any values. Just the adress, then zeros. I can read back the config registers, and these are exactly what i set before. But there are no data neither in frame mode nor in single read... for example. I write 0x01 i get: 0x01F804BE but when I write 0x11 i get 0x11000000. There are no ADC values. Why is that?


Edit: I measured every voltage on the board every connections, and everything is fine. The communication is also fine. I reset the ADAS1000, I can read every registers the default values. Than I onfigure the desired registers. Than I can read the new values. I read the Operating State Register. It says there is no internal digital failure. But in this register the "Configuration status" bit is high. It says: This bit is set after a reset indicating that the configuration has not been read yet. Once the configuration is set, this bit is ready. When I write the 0x40  command, the DRDY pin is high and In the header there is 0xC0, what is 1100, and the second bit means busy. So he converter is busy. But why. I can read my configurations and everything is like in the darasheet example. I dont understand...