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Errors trying to straem to MATLAB & Simulink

Question asked by RF_Engr_9000 on Sep 30, 2016
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I am trying to stream data into and out of MATLAB (Simulink) using the IIO system object. I am using a ZED controller board with an ADFMCOMM3 eval board. I have followed the instructions at the following link.


When I run either a sample MATLAB or SIMULINK program supplied at the link above, I get the following error having to do with the system object file (which I downloaded from the same link above):


Undefined function or variable 'libiio_if'.

Error in iio_sys_obj_matlab (line 97)
            obj.libiio_data_in_dev = libiio_if();

Error in ad9361 (line 4)
s = iio_sys_obj_matlab; % Constructor


Any ideas about what I am doing wrong.