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Re: Zedboard ADAU1761 audio capture not working.

Question asked by S_Aleksinski on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by larsc
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My problem is very similar, so I decided to not creating another topic.

I have playback working, and now I'm trying to get capture working. I used this state file, but unfortunately it does not work.

My environment is almost the same as rohit.mohan has. Only differences are that I have alsa utils in version 1.1.0, and Zedboard rev D. And of course kernel, and ADAU1761 driver in current version (compiled 15.09.2016).

I used commands:

alsactl restore -c 1 -f adau1761.state

arecord -Dhw:ADAU1761 -fS32_LE -d10 -c2 -r48000 s32_le.wav

with 1kHz sinusoid on aux input, but after I opened s32_le.wav file with audacity, samples were empty. Also playing it with

aplay -Dhw:ADAU1761 -fS32_LE -c2 -r48000 s32_le.wav

didn't work.


As I already said, playback works (I tested it with speaker-test and my application), so fpga design should be ok. (I used reference one for Zedboard from ADI)

Have I done something wrong? I tried many different combinations of settings in alsamixer, but with no luck.