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Mechanical Mounting of IMU(ADIS16485BMLZ )sensor

Question asked by on Oct 1, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by NevadaMark

Hello Team,


We are using ADIS16485BMLZ IMU sensor, we have query regarding the mechanical mounting of the IMU sesnsor on the PCB, below are the list of Queries.


  1. As per the AN-1295 Mounting Example 4: Connector-Up, Flex Cable Interface with Hardware, It is mentioned as mounting the sensor on a washer in reverse way on a mechanical flat surface  and placing the PCB on the TOP connecting the with Flex cable. But we wanted to place the IMU sensor on the washer in a reverse way on the mechanical flat surface, but we want to connect the IMU sensor by placing the PCB on the top of the IMU sensor and connect using the SAMTEC connector. please suggest can we connect in this way without using the Flex cable connection to the hardware.
  2. Second question on the PCB, we are planning to make a two layer board, our query is do we need to have copper under the sensor or not, if yes, do we need to connect the copper to the ground.



Sunil B V R