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AD9361 - different rx and tx rates

Question asked by olivierN on Sep 30, 2016
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I need to configure different tx and rx rates (Tx=20 MSps and Rx=40 Msps).

I found the appropriate parameter in the .dtsi file (adi,fdd-rx-rate-2tx-enable) but I could not find any information regarding the functional timing.


I presume Data_Clk and Fb_Clk must have the same frequency and that the data should follow the 2R2T diagram (figure79 and 80 - UG570) as if it was a 2R1T configuration. There would be 2 Rx samples for every Tx sample. (Tx: ImQmIlQlXXXX). Am I right ?


The AD9361 is configured as LVDS, FDD, DDR 1R1T.