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Are the CTRL_IN and CTRL_OUT IO used

Question asked by Bro-veloper on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by sripad



I recently asked a question about disconnecting the transmit bus on the AD9364 / AD9361 to free up some IO since we don't use the transmit chain in our current application and was wondering the same thing for the CTRL_IN and CTRL_OUT IO. Based on sripad's response it sounded like it would also be possible to disconnect the CTRL_IN and/or CTRL_OUT lines since the SPI bus is used for all settings read and writes.


Can we disconnect the control inputs lines (CTRL_IN) ?

Does the OS software/drive use the CTRL_IN line in the Zedboard-AD-FMSCOMMS4 configuration for anything? If yes, what are the software implications?


Similarly, can we disconnect the control output lines (CTRL_OUT)

Does the OS/software use the CTRL_OUT lines in the Zedboard-AD-FMCOMMS4 config for anything?

We noticed there are possible calibration status outputs, AGC gain, buffer overflow status, etc? Is any of that currently used by the software or is this status info accessible through the SPI?


My appologies to the software folks if this seems basic. I'm working from a hardware dev stand-point at this time in a tiny team with limited resources!


Thank you once again!