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ADV7321 output level is wrong with full input range selected

Question asked by aerskine on Aug 18, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2011 by DaveD



I am using the ADV7321, and would like the option to output signals with the full quantisation range, as well as normal video levels. The datasheet says this should be possible (see attachments).


With normal TV signals there is a limited range from 64 to 940 (10 bit value). The ADV7321 does this without any problems.


However, when we set reg0x10 bits 1:0 to the value (1:0) Output levels for full input range, we get a signal over 840mv, instead of the 700mV which are specified. This is the case with different resolutions and in RGB or YUV mode.


- Is there something wrog with the chip, or can I configure it to get the correct value?


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