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Simulation Problem of ADA4938-1

Question asked by ZhengNice on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2016 by Emman.A


Dear Emman.A,

         I want to use ada4938-1 to drive the ADC ad9629, before we start the design,  I do the simulation of ada4938-1, but I met some problems when I do the simulation. 

software: Orcad PSpice

the steps of simulation:

    First , I get the ada4938.cir on the website, and generate the ADA4938.lib and ADA4938.OLB by Module Editor

    Second , draw the schematic:

         1)the schematic used the THEORY OF OPENRATION in ADA4938 datasheet.  Input = 2Vpp,10MHz sine wave,  gain 1V/V ,output should be 2Vpp



Then start the simulate, but simulation stop and appear follows

So, I change the setting to 0.1 in the red rectangle,and get result,but the result is not consistent to theory. I guess the bad result is related to the setting

So is there the mistake in the steps of simulation or in the schematic?  I hope you can give me some suggestion or right steps.


Thanks for your kind consideration and looking  for your early reply.