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Question asked by cuilinguo on Sep 29, 2016
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HI everyone ,

   I am using ADV7511 chip.Our main chip output RGB signal ,and we set adv7513 via i2c bus to out HDMI  video .

Now the main chip need some parameter like the following:

struct fb_videomode {

  const char *name; /* optional */

  u32 refresh; /* optional */

  u32 xres;

  u32 yres;

  u32 pixclock;

  u32 left_margin;

  u32 right_margin;

  u32 upper_margin;

  u32 lower_margin;

  u32 hsync_len;

  u32 vsync_len;

  u32 sync;

  u32 vmode;

  u32 flag;


So , my question is how to  know   these parameters ? I see page 46 Figure 7 on  ADV7513_Programming_Guide.pdf, register 0x35-0x39. The values of these registers can set to the struct above ?


Thank  you ,