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AD9361 CMOS Mode

Question asked by KDcy on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by Vinod


I want to use the AD9361 in CMOS Mode. I only use Rx1 and Tx1. Rx2 and Tx2 are disabled.

I have configured the register 0x12 = 0x04 to enable the CMOS Mode and the Single Port Mode (I want to use the P0 port only).

On a scope the CMOS data received and emitted by the AD9361 look like the timing described in the UG Manual.

However the AD9361 seems to not work properly when I send CMOS data on the Tx bus (P0[11:6]). For example if I send IQ data corresponding to a Single Tone on the Tx data port, the RF signal at the output of the Tx path is simply noise (with a strong level).

So my questions are :

  •    Which registers must be configured to enable the CMOS Mode ?
  •    What are the other configuration (software and hardware) that must be implemented to ensure a proper working in CMOS mode ?