Question for your timing chart of AD7862

Discussion created by Kaos on Sep 28, 2016
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Dear Sir/Madam,

Our customer have 3 questions for your AD7862 ADC.

As for your time chart fig-1 following,


During /CONVST=L, and
When /CS=L and /RS=H, is your output data affected?
I think that no problem for this case correct?
But if /CS=L and /RS=L, then output is disabled by your datasheet I see.


As for "t1"(/CS to /RD setup time)Page-4 on your datasheet "Timjng Characteristics"
, it shows min time = 0nsec.
So if t1=minus value eg;-100nsec, then what trouble has coming?



Are these /CS, /RS triggered by up and down edge?

Otherwise level H/L ?


Please advise us about above cases thanks. Kaos