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Debugging flash loaded program on custom hardware, boot load

Question asked by xfrmrs on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by Kader.M

Hi there,


I found in the forum some indication to go to the "Settings" menu in VisualDSP++ and choose "Boot Load" in order to reset from within VisualDSP++ and run with the flash loaded into the BF, this is for the purpose of debugging.


I am running VisualDSP++5.1.2 and there is not "Boot Load" option under the "Settings" menu, though this may be since I am running via USB-ICE on my hardware and not the EZ-KIT connected via the Debug Agent.  


So, the real question is how can I run my program in the debugger since I am loading from flash and not using the EZ-KIT connected via the Debug Agent?  Perhaps there is some way to configure the session to use the EZ-KIT connected via the Debug Agent session profile?  Or to load my program directly for debugging (though this still does not completely cover my need as there may be some annomally when loading directly vs from flash).


Any help will be appreciated.