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Execution Configuration of AD9364

Question asked by PraveenKumar on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by DragosB

We are in the process of configuring the AD9364 from the external processor board (Beaglebone Black)

The configuration and setup code on External processor board(BBB) will configure ad9364 board using SPI.

Ad9364 board consist of Artix 7 FPGA and ad9364 ASIC. The SPI of FPGA is connected to BBB processor board on one end and FPGA on other end. FPGA SPI lines are kept through (shorted) for initial configuration, so that BBB processor board can configure ad9364.

To compile the code, we used the Ad9364 linux code from Ad9364 No-OS code stack, We Modified the plantform_linux/parameters.h file and compiled on the External processor board

we are getting the following runtime error...Kindly Support