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Power Measurement 25Khz to 200Khz

Question asked by JCDARDEN on Aug 18, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2011 by enash

Need to measure (real not reactive) power to a reactive load. Supply is AC 50KHz to 200Khz. Voltage and Current waveforms wil not be perfect sine because of the load. Output as average power will be OK. RMS not needed but would be interesting if possible.


We will meter the actual voltage and current at the load.


Considering the ADL5391. Looks like it would work in this range.


A few questions please.


1. Does not seem to be a Multisim Component available to allowADL5391  simulation. Is there a Mulitsim Model available anywhere. Or, some other way to simulate this component?


2. Lookjing for an example circuit to produce a voltage analog of (real) power. I can scale the inputs as needed.


3. If there is a better AD part or parts for this application I would appreciate knowing about it



Thanks .. JCD