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ADAR7251 in PPI mode and timing

Question asked by joakimosth on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by Rajeev

I like to use the ADAR7251 in PPI mode and connect it to a MCU.
When the SCLK_ADC goes high I want to generate an interrupt/DMA transfer that read the parallel data bits into the MCU.
However, to know when to start I need to listen to the data_ready signal and make sure it is high before start reading any data from the ADC_DOUTx signals.
I want to know what is the timing between data_ready edge goes high and sclk_adc edge goes high?
Because I triggering reading data from the sclk_adc signal I thinking about to make a logic like: DATA_READY AND SCLK_ADC
to only get the sclk_adc output waveform when real data is available.
I worry about false triggering when data_ready goes from high to low. You have any information about the timing between data_ready goes high and when sclk_adc goes high?


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