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AD9959  Output Termination and refclk input.

Question asked by metelko on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2016 by JLKeip

I want to drive the output of the AD9959 at 80-200MHz signals at 4dbm into 50 ohms. This will be over 5-10m of cables and at some point my students will forget to attach the load!    If I use a transformer eg Minicircuits ADTT1-1 I'm unsure what would happen if the load was unplugged. Would it be better to use a buffer in these circumstances ie a good opamp.

So if I connect the O & OB to 1.8V via 25 ohms or more and use an opamp as a differential amplifier  would this be OK?


Also with the refclk input..


For the first iteration of my board (before syncing with my atomic clock..) I want to drive the refclk signal from my FPGA, so would a AC coupled 2.5LVCMOS signal with the IB signal AC coupled to ground?