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ADL5382 outputs (IHI, ILO, QHI, QLO)

Question asked by J.Park on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by hkumar

Hello ! 

Before I buy the ADL5382, there is just one thing that I'm wondering about its output.

In the data-sheet, each output has VPOS-2.8 (V) DC bias. If I apply 5 V to the VPOS and don't use any balun, then I guess I can get following outputs.


For example,


IHI = 2.2 V + Acos(wt)

ILO = 2.2 V - Acos(wt)

QHI = 2.2 V + Asin(wt)

QLO = 2.2 V - Asin(wt)


Am I right?


(By the way, What do HI and LO mean?)