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My question is re the Eval ADuM4160

Question asked by BRC on Sep 23, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by MSCantrell

I am creating programs using SigmaStudios 3.21.

I am using ADUSB2Z USB Evaluation board: to download code to the DSP 1761 on a board/ product we have created.

That device is a preamplifier and so is ultimately connected to a power amplifier and speakers.  

In most situations USB communications, computer to device, ( the device created by us) is no problem.
However in some environments, there appears to be earth or power issues, where in using the same laptop computer, communication become unreliable, or simply stop.  

In some instances by dropping the earth, the issue has been resolved: however one cannot always 'drop the earth' or ground pin on power amplifiers. 

The USB devices appear to be sensitive.  Product demonstrations of EQ and output mixes become unreliable.
And so my tech, a long time user of your products, advised I purchase an ADUM4160, comprising a ADUM160.

Which I have: I have loaded the ADUM5000 onto the device. 

The goal is isolation.

However when I use the ADUM4160, there is no link, no communications... whatsoever. 

When I do not use it, going from USB directly to the ADUSB2Z, communications immediately resume.

However I wish to prepare my equipment for situations where there might be power issues.   Again ideally I need a function isolation device.

Certainly the LEDs on the ADUSB2Z indicate that power is not the issue, and from your PDF instruction it appears that the ADUM416 automatically loads its drivers.

I gather the jumpers or shunts are in the correct position.

Please what advice might you have?  Why would it work with one device, yet not when I add the ADUM4160?

I look forward to your assistance, response,