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ADV7513 not visible on all monitors

Question asked by JtElektronik on Sep 23, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by JtElektronik

We want to make in interface for our PAL ( 625 lines/50Hz/ interleave) cameras to connect HDMI monitors, which we use for our digital cameras.
In the first stage we use an ADV7184 for digitizing the PAL signal. The 4:2:2: output with embedded sync is forwarded to
the ADV7513 by a 16bit bus. when a monitor is connected to the output of the 7513 we get the videopicture.

But if a HDMI splitter or our HDMI-OSD box is connected, we have no output ( No Signal  on screen).

The DDC channel is not connected!

Controlling the status registers  thes have the following data:

0x3d      0x6c      --> x2 rep. /  VIC#44:576i-100,4:3
0x3e       0x00   -> VIC unavailable
0x3f      0xc0   ->  576i active

It seems there is no entry which maches the video signal.
Anybody have any suggestions what could be the reason?