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How do I use adsp-sc58x-common-l2.ld?

Question asked by johnlongawa on Sep 22, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by johnlongawa

I have a stand-alone ARM program running on the SC589 EZ-board that uses the default linker scripts and therefore places code and data in L3. I want a version that does not use L3 at all and I am trying to build with a makefile from the command line. I am overriding the linker scripts with the -Wl,-T option to use adsp-sc589.ld and adsp-sc58x-common-l2.ld so that the default code and data segments will be in L2 memory. No matter how I set up the paths and commands I get warnings for each segment "warning: redeclaration of memory region..." starting with MEM_L2_MCAPI_DATA_ICC and ending with MEM_L3. Any pointers on how to use the L2 versions of the linker scripts? Note, I get the same warnings when I explicitly use the default adsp-sc58x-common.ld. The only time I don't get the warnings is when I don't override the linker scripts.