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Serial communication with HMC830 not working

Question asked by mamu on Sep 22, 2016
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I am currently trying to communicate with a HMC830. I have a HMC830 Eval-Board and want to use my ZedBoard (Zynq FPGA) to read and write the PLL register. I set up the FPGA to use the internal ARM core and wrote some code to communicate in HMC mode with the PLL using the integrated SPI controller of the ARM core.


Unfortunately there is neither write nor read working. The PLL does not respond and I do not see what I am doing wrong? If I use the USB Eval-Board the PLL respond and I can program the registers using the provided software!


Find attached two the capture of a read and write cycle in HMC mode. The upper part shows SEN, SCLK and data from FPGA, lower part shows same SEN and SCLK but data from SDO of PLL.


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