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How to realize an energy meter with reverse lock

Question asked by markushug on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by dlath

Hi all,


I am using ADE7854A and I want to know if a realization of a reverse lock is possible with this AFE, such that negative energy flow being completely ignored and only positive energy flow being accumulated and displayed by CFx pulses.


After reading the datasheets, I suggest that a switch to ADE7880 will be necessary since it has "positive only ACC mode" while ADE7854A...7878A doesn't?

I wonder if CFx pulse generation on negative energy flows could be avoided even on ADE7880 positive only mode. The datasheet tells that pulses will be generated in this mode also.


Are there any known workarounds to avoid CFx pulses on negative energy flow? Ideally for ADE7854A?