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ade7880 calibration

Question asked by nisu.99 on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2016 by dlath


i am woerking on ADE7880 for energy meter development. i have done calibration of voltage and current at 300V,10A. at this point i change value of APGAIN register and do calibration of power also.All this at Unity power factor.


Now when i take reading at 300V,1A and 0.1 PF it seems to have 2 WATT difference in power(AWATT).  as well as 1% error in current measurement and i cant understand Why ?


Same thing  happens when i  take reading at 10A,50V and 0.1 PF i found about 3 WATT difference in power reading(AWATT). 

i  read calibration data sheet of ade7880 but still i can't understand function of some of registers like AWATTOS, APGAIN, APHCAL. please explain in detail that how can i set values in this registers.