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AD7768 dual power supply with fully differential amplifier as driver

Question asked by nathanbai on Sep 20, 2016
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I found AD7768 was a good fit to my application. I want to use AD7768 under dual power supply (+/-2.5V and 3.3V IOVDD) together with one fully differential amplifier as driver. With this structure, I could leave the Vocm open on the driver part and acquire data swing within +/-2V. 


In the user guide and other reference designs, I found most of them are using the single power supply solution and drive the previous stage (amplifier) with +2.5V common mode voltage. However, according to the datasheet of AD7768, I found the following voltage rating. Therefore, I suppose I can still use the structure as I have described in the beginning.


I am wondering whether I missed any points or this structure can lead to any problems. It will be greatly appreciated if anyone could help me to confirm the above structure.