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SDP-B flash setup

Question asked by augie on Aug 17, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2011 by RRyan

Can anyone explain the steps (or point me to) setting up the flash on an SDP-B development board?


I'm guessing that the current flash contains code to support the VisualDSP++ debugging environment and connectivity via USB. Is that correct? I am planning on re-flashing with my bare metal application and I would like to know what is involved in that. I doubt ADI would part with the source code and build template for that image, but that is pretty much what I'd like to start from. Any further info would be greatly appreciated as I am evaluating using this platform or not. So far I don't see much support in this area, mostly in writing linux-based apps. I am using the GNU toolchain at the moment to run a simple app on the kit but I need to know how to get it to run in the standalone environment.