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HMC1031 with active filter in simulator

Question asked by geadinc on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by geadinc

I am trying to use the HMC1031 with a VCXO that has a 0-8V tuning voltage. So I need to use an active filter. The PLL Simulator software shows several inverting active loop filter designs, Active A, B, and C. yet none of these will work with the HMC1031 because it only supports a non-inverting type loop filter. Can these loop filters just be converted over to non-inverting? If so, why is the passivedc configuration shown separately? 

This device is being used to the lock the reference to a TI PLL IC which shows all non-inverting loop filters in their simulator. Why would only inverting filters show up for a device that does not support them?