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ADXL362 frequent register access

Question asked by rathinasamyks on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by STallur

Hello All,

Hardware setup :

Texas instruments CC2640

Analog devices : ADXL362

SW application objective:

  1. System wakes up every 5 minutes and do the following
  2. Enable inactivity interrupt (0x27 ACT_INACT_CTL register)
  3. Wait for Inactivity interrupt
  4. Upon inactivity interrupt following actions are performed.
     -- Disable inactivity interrupt
     -- Read FIFO data and process it


Observed issue :

System performs as expected for some duration and then entire system restarted.

Is there any problem if application software disables/enables 0x27 ACT_INACT_CTL /0x0B STATUS register very frequently ?