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ADV7619 I²C time until ready

Question asked by A_Wild on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by GuenterL

For my project I have to write on the ADV7619 via I²C.  (I am using the ADV7619-7511 EVAL-Board)

Everything works fine, even when writing on it with a fpga, except of one thing.


The time between powering the board up (to be precice: plugging it into the power-outlet) and being able to write on it via I²C (when getting the first ACK!) is 12.5 seconds (tested 12 times in a row. Each time the value was between 12.495 and 12.512 seconds. The tool I used to measure the time was the Beagle I²C Protocol Analyzer).

In the manual of the 7619 (which is the chip I need for my project) it is written that the power-up time is 25ms, that's 500 times smaller than what I am getting.


Does it take so long because of the fact it is connected to the BF524, which keeps the ADV7619 powered-down until the BF is ready?