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Question on AD2s1210 velocity data read through SPI

Question asked by Balu on Aug 17, 2011
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  I configured the AD2s1210 (Evaluation Board for 10-Bit to 16-Bit R/D Converter with Reference Oscillator) in configuration mode. I am  trying to read the velocity data from the register 0x82 and 0x83 through SPI communication. My model is running at 25 rps and I observed while reading the velocity data its oscillating between 25 +/- 10.


I am running the clkin as 10 Mhz


My question here is


1) Is it required to convert the velocity register data to two complement. Because as per data sheet ADS21210 page number 21 for velocity data is twos complement.


2) while reading the velocity through the SPI why velocity data  oscillating.