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Conflicting SPI Devices

Question asked by KMC500 on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by aine

We are using two AD devices on a 4-wire SPI working with independent CS lines:





We have been able to write to both devices without issue but have encounter difficulties when reading from the AD7175-2.


After much analysis, we have found that removing the ADA4350 part from the SPI bus allows the correct communication when reading from the AD7175-2.


We have now used a 10K resistor on the MISO line between the two devices and the system is working as intended with both deices on the same comms lilne.


This seems to be none standard SPI operation and we would like to understand why we are having this issue with the ADA4350? Is this a known issue? What is the recommended method of resolving this device conflict.