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Monitor program file has encountered an erro

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Sep 17, 2016
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Am using Cross Core 3.2.0 with a class of 90.  They are building a hello world program to run on Blackfin BF533 simulator and HP-ICE emulator.  The lab equipment has run okay for years


I have two student groups who can compile the code but all commands are ghosted out after they start a debug session.


I am going back into the labs to see whether I can duplicate the problem on the stations they used (another 22 groups had no problems) -- however, one of the students has already moved to another station that had worked for another group. -- still fails


He gets this error which I have never encountered before and have been using CrossCore since 1.0.0


Anybody any idea what it means?  Forget to click on details, will find students and try that if I can't duplicate the problem



Mike Smith