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frame position adv7611

Question asked by S.Griebsch on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by S.Griebsch


after finally getting my system (ADV receiving an video coming from a pattern generator throught SDI and converting it into HDMI) to work, the next problem appeared.

The ADV7611 receives the video and outputs it to an encoder. It's output is a transport stream which feeds an ASI transmitter. I analyse the serial signal and display the incoming video with a software decoder (player).


That's the system setup. Now the video I display has a vertical and horizontal offset.

I tried to fix it with the START_HS and END_HS register values without any success. If I want to move the displayed frame to the right or left (for fixing the horizontal offset) am I right to use these registers?

For me it seems to be a problem with the horizontal and vertical blanking. If tried to disable the data blanking via register DATA_BLANK_EN = 0. But I couldn't see any difference.


Another thought of mine was that there might be something with the timing of vertical sync and horizontal sync.

If I change the polarity of VS and HS by setting INV_POL_VS and INV_POL_HS, the frame moves some pixel to the left or right (and also to the top or bottom).