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Keep VisualDSP open when started via automation

Question asked by ekrogh on Aug 16, 2011
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I'm using VisualDSP++ 5.0 Update 9.1.


I have made a C++ program, that

  1. opens VisualDSP++
  2. loads a .dpj project in VisualDSP++
  3. sets a breakpoint
  4. and runs the program to thet breakpoint.


The purpose is to use Vusial Studio 2010 with Visual Assist X as editor, and open/use VisualDSP++ as debugger.


My "problem":

If I open VisualDSP++ first, and then run the C++ automation program everything works fine, and VisualDSP is ready for debugging when the C++ program has finished. BUT if I don't open VisualDSP++ first, then VisualDSP pops up OK while the C++ program is running But then VisualDSP++ closes and disappears gain when the C++ program has finished.



Is there any thing I can do to keep VisualDSP++ open when the C++ (that started it via automation) program closes ?



Thanks in advance


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