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Grounding plan for AD9144

Question asked by TEDYM on Sep 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by Patrick-Xuan



I'd like to know ground plane plan for AD9144.


AD9144 doesn't have separated ground, AGND and DGND, but has GND only.
Also AD9144 has EPAD, which should be connected ground.


In case using AD9144 on analog and digital mixed board, I believe the GND and EPAD should be connected to analog ground, right?
Though it is right, so AD9144 has SPI port, analog ground and digital ground will be connected by one point connecting.
Could you tell me a optimal grounding plan for AD9144 with considering layer and connected place?


#BTW, I wonder the GND pin of AD9144 of EVAL-board are not connected to ground, jsut floating. Why do the EVAL-board operate normally?